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St.Cousair Winery Christmas Dinner & Estate Tour
St.Cousair Winery
St.Cousair Winery

Great family time
Great family time

Upgrade Menu
Upgrade Menu

St.Cousair Winery
St.Cousair Winery


Want to have an unforgettable merry Christmas?

St.Cousair Winery & Vineyards 
Located on the beautiful hilltop of Iizuna Village, the St.Cousair Winery has a history dating back to 1970s and is one of the highest awarded vineyards in Nagano. The vineyard’s desirable elevation, dry winds, impressive snowfall and summertime sunshine provide its grape varieties with the essential moisture and light. Thanks to their passionate winemakers, St.Cousair Winery has been recognized by international awards such as Challenge International du Vin Gold Medal, Nagano Chardonnay 2015.

Estate Tour
Your estate tour will start with a visit to the well-cared vine ground, where the lifeblood of the exquisite brews is grown. You will learn about the grape varieties and vineyard’s uniquely ideal harvest conditions, before continuing to the main building and passing through the winery’s iconic entrance archway.

Then, go behind the scene with a winery member and your tour guide. Take an in-depth look at the working winery’s production area, barrel and tank room, as you learn about a grape’s journey from the vine to the bottle.

Private Wine Tasting Session
Indulge in an intimate wine tasting session exclusive to your tour group. From reds to whites, taste up your choice of St.Cousair’s brews, or savour 3 kinds of their most awarded and sought-after vintages (+ ¥1,500 per adult). 

Christmas Dinner at St.Cousair Winery Restaurant
Enjoy a five-course menu crafted with local premium ingredients such as Homard lobster, Shinshu wagyu and high-grade sea bream, finely prepared with a delightful combination of French and Japanese culinary techniques. Or, you may indulge yourself with the upgraded six-course menu (+ ¥3,000 per person). Please check the photos for menu content.
* Child menu would differ.
* Beverage is not included.

  • Minimum: 4 Adults

St.Cousair Winery & Vineyards, St.Cousair Winery Restaurant

St.Cousair Winery & Vineyards / 1260, Imogawa, Kamiminochi County, Iizuna Town, Nagano

Includes: Return Transfers, 5 Course Christmas Dinner, Wine Tasting and an English Speaking Guide

¥9,900 / Adult

¥4,900 / Child

23, 24, 25 December 2019

17:15 - 22:00 (4 hrs 45 mins)


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050-5539-7704 (08:30 - 18:00)

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