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O-yu / 9347 Nozawa onsen, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano

Delicacies from Land and Sea - Locally-brewed and Niigata Sake

Izakaya Style Dining ・ Casual Dining

Local ingredients, fresh seafood from the sea of Japan, and fresh vegetables from the mountains - enjoy meals that fully take advantage of these foods. Hot pot and Sukiyaki (thin meat slowly cooked with vegetables at the table) can be arranged through reservation. Non-alcoholic beverages also available.

  • Seats: 50

  • Non-smoking

0269-85-3565 (Japanese Only)

18:00 - 23:00

Open Everyday


Credit Card

English Menu

English Service

Vegetarian Menu

Take Out/ Delivery

Bring Your Own Wine (Fee)

  • Skewered Grilled Chicken ¥500

  • Shinshu Salmon Sashimi ¥800

  • Toasted Shiitake Mushrooms from Sakae Village ¥580

  • Fried Tofu ¥550

  • Japanese Fried Chicken ¥750

Insider's Pick

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