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Should non-smoking be a large selling point on your choice of where to eat, you will be happy to know that most restaurants in our guidebook are non-smoking. But please be aware that other restaurants not in our guidebook may still permit smoking. So if available, we recommend requesting “kinen’ (non-smoking) when out for dinner.You can check the venue’s stance on smoking on their respective pages.


There are a great variety of restaurants scattered all around Nozawa Onsen village. From exclusive eel rice bowls to hearty, filling servings of ramen; there will most definitely be a venue to suit your needs. We highly recommend a walk around the village before dinner, not only to build your appetite, but also to get an idea of the true assortment of foods on offer! Before deciding on anything however, make sure to stop in at IXSM Travel’s office to find out exactly what is on offer.

Accommodation & Their Eateries

Traditionally, and as a practice that still thrives today, Japanese people eat both breakfast and dinner at their accommodation. Rooms can often be booked just for the dining options they provide. Are you after the most lavish and traditional of Kaiseki dinners? Book your stay in one of the upper class, luxury ryokans. Craving that heartwarming, home-cooked food, and plenty of it? Look no further than a pension or guest house. We highly recommend having at least one dinner at your accommodation to experience exactly what it means to holiday in Japan!

But what happens when all of a sudden you discover a want for that lavish feast of traditional goodies, yet your accommodation is serving strictly grandma’s favourites? Or that heartwarming chow is looking much tastier than your intricately prepared meal? Never fear, you are more than able to book yourself in to another venue for dinner, but there is a strict ‘one day in advance’ rule.

Kaiseki Dinners

Regardless of your accommodation, if it is your first time in Japan then you most definitely have to treat yourself to at least one Kaiseki dinner! These traditional banquets are comprised of an assortment of intricately prepared courses with special attention paid to the balance of taste, texture, and presentation. Many people expect a typical Western-style build up of entrees to a large main dish, but that is not Kaiseki. Kaiseki brings art to food; each small dish comes together to create a spectacular representation of the current season and its available delicacies. However, you almost certainly won’t be leaving hungry as each meal consists of upwards of 10 courses. Not a single restaurant in Nozawa serves these types of meal, so you will be required to observe the ‘one day in advance rule’ and reserve a table at a ryokan to experience it. Should you have any questions or queries in regards to what’s available or how to reserve a table at a particular venue, the team at IXSM Travel in front of the main bus stop will be more than happy to help you in finding and reserving that perfect eating experience.

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