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Local Specialties in Nozawa

Many towns and villages in Japan take pride in their own local delicacies and Nozawa Onsen is no different. Here are some recommended local specialties for you to enjoy:

Nozawana (野沢菜)

Nozawana is a Japanese leaf vegetable that has been cultivated in the area since the mid-eighteenth century. It is now well known all over Japan. Once harvested, Nozawana is traditionally washed in the village’s hot spring water and then pickled. It is often served as a side dish alongside a bowl of steamed rice. Nozawana Oyaki (see below) are also very delicious.

Oyaki (おやき)

Nagano prefecture is renowned for its Oyaki (steamed dumplings that can be filled with a variety of different ingredients). Depending on their fillings, which differ between locations, they can be either sweet or savoury. Why not try one for yourself at Haus St.Anton?

Onsen Tamago (温泉卵)

Onsen tamago are boiled eggs that have traditionally been boiled in the village’s hot spring water. The eggs are placed in rope nets and left in one of the several wooden boxes found outside some of the onsens in the village for about 15 minutes. The lower temperature (70°C) causes the egg yolk to harden more than the egg white, giving the eggs a unique texture. They taste great with a bit of soy sauce.

Onsen manju (温泉まんじゅう)

Onsen manju are small steamed buns filled with red bean paste. They are steamed using the hot water from the natural hot springs (onsens) in the village which is where they get their name from. They are a unique, delicious snack,(delete comma) and also make for a great souvenir. Be sure to pay a visit to Fukiya to pick up a box or two.

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