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Nozawa Onsen is known as one of Japans most superb ski resorts and as such it offers a fill of winter sports adventures waiting to be discovered.


Unlike most ski resorts these days, the snow in Nozawa ski resort is completely natural and of nearly unmatched quality, making it a must visit for powder enthusiasts. In the mountain top part of the resort, riders can expect 5m of snow below their feet.


The skiing area is more than 297 hectares wide and features an altitude difference of over 1,085 meters from the top of Mt. Kenashi at an altitude of 1,650m down to the bottom of Karasawa Slope at 565m altitude. Nozawa offers courses for all types of riders, from gentle slopes perfect for newcomers up to steep and tricky courses best suited for more advanced people. The area is separated into 36 ski courses and even features a snow park equipped with a half pipe and other items for stunt riders.


Advanced riders who want to test their courage might consider taking on the 39 degrees Wall Challenge, also Nozawa’s steepest run and one of the steepest courses that can be found all over Japan.


The longest run one can do in Nozawa ski resort is over 10 kilometers long, passing through the snow park area and ending in a gentle slope along a forest.


  • Season: Usually end of December until early May

  • Operating Hours: 08:30 - 16:30 (17:00)

  • Night skiing: Until 20:00 (please check the schedule, needs an extra ticket)

  • Longest run: 10,000m

  • Total difference in altitude: 1,085m (Mt. Kenashi summit to Karasawa Slope bottom: 565m)

  • Maximal Gradient: The Challenge Wall of 39°

  • Available Skilifts: 2 Gondolas, 18 Skilifts, 1 moving walkway

  • Difficulty levels: 30% Advanced, 30% Intermediate, 40% Beginner (in % of all courses)

Ten Favourite Courses

Yamabiko Area


On the very top of the resort, Abundance of Snow and on sunny days features a panoramic view of the Japanese sea.

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  • Hours of Operation

  • Course & Lift Status

  • Weather & Snow Reports

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